Honu Apartments

BBN Constructions is on a mission to redefine luxury living, and their latest venture, the Honu Apartments, stands as a testament to their uncompromising dedication. This opulent property, situated at 21 Queen of Colonies, Moffat Beach, is poised to set a new benchmark in high-end real estate.

Carved atop the scenic Moffat Headland and overlooking the shimmering ocean, Honu is not merely an abode, but an experience in itself. It encompasses five full-floor luxury apartments, each distinctively designed and meticulously constructed. The property commenced construction in January 2023, with a highly anticipated completion date slated for April 2024.

One of the defining features of Honu is its impressive common area pool, inviting residents to relax, rejuvenate and bask in the Queensland sun. The ground floor unit takes luxury to a new level with an exclusive private pool, redefining comfort and exclusivity.


Each Honu apartment is an epitome of indulgence, boasting a high-end kitchen equipped with a butler’s pantry, enhancing the culinary experience for residents and guests alike. Four beautifully furnished bedrooms, each with their private ensuite, offer the ultimate in comfort and privacy. Additionally, each apartment also includes two spacious living areas, providing ample space for residents to unwind or entertain.

Moreover, the residents of Honu can rest assured about their vehicles as the property includes fully secure basement parking, ensuring the safety and convenience of the residents.

Constructed by BBN Constructions, Honu is a testament to their enduring commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a forward-thinking approach to design. With a reputation for creating exceptional properties, BBN Constructions have outdone themselves with the Honu Apartments, proving once again that they stand at the forefront of modern luxury construction.

In conclusion, the Honu Apartments, with their breathtaking views and unrivalled amenities, are not merely a place to live; they offer a lifestyle beyond compare. If you are seeking an exclusive living experience enveloped by luxury and convenience, Honu might just be the address you’ve been looking for. Visit Honu Moffat Beach for more information.

With the countdown to its grand unveiling, the anticipation surrounding Honu is mounting, and rightly so. For those seeking an exceptional coastal living experience, the wait is almost over. Honu is coming. Welcome to a new age of luxury living.

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Honu Moffat Beach Apartments

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